About Audio Production Room

Hi I’m Tim Wells – an experienced session and live drummer, mixing engineer and all-around lover of music! I’ve been passionate about music from a young age and I’ve had the great privilege of creating and performing music all around the world.

Making Music Production Easy

My passion for this site – Audioproductionroom.com is to explain the principles of producing, recording and mixing music in a way that is easy to follow and helpful. My intent is to help as many people as possible understand the equipment and techniques they need to produce music to a high standard of excellence that is moving and inspiring to everyone who hears it.

Product Reviews

My experience and passion for music and production means I can give knowledgeable and genuine recommendations on the best products. In many cases, I’m actually using the products, or I’ve had experience with them. I’ll only recommend products that I genuinely believe will help you to succeed with your music!

My Experience

You can read up about one of my bands – ‘The Luminous Sky’ on our website here: https://theluminoussky.com/

I’ve travelled and performed with The Luminous Sky in over 10 countries including the USA, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland and The UK.

The Luminous Sky performing in San Jose, Costa Rica.

We played everywhere from street corners to cafes, bars, churches and festivals! I got pretty handy at setting up drums and figuring out how to get the best sound on all kinds of sound systems!

We also spent time in the recording studio and I’ve gained lots of experience performing and mixing studio recordings.

The Luminous Sky in the Studio – Miking up Guitars
The Luminous Sky performing in Germany to a crowd of 9,000 festival goers!

The Blessing Aotearoa

More recently I had the honour of recording drums for ‘The Blessing Aotearoa’. This beautiful performance brought together musicians and singers from all different churches around New Zealand to sing this ancient Hebrew blessing set to an epic musical arrangement.

A couple of things I loved about this project – firstly the opportunity to collaborate remotely using technology with a whole lot of other musicians and singers. It was fantastic to bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds and churches all uniting to sing this wonderful piece of music.

Secondly, the indigenous Maori instrumentation and Te Reo (Maori language) elements bring a beautiful flavour that is uniquely New Zealand.

Watch ‘The Blessing Aotearoa’ New Zealand.

My Equipment Setup

I recorded drums for The Blessing on my vintage Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl drum kit from 1968. (Rack tom from another kit).

My favourite Snare drum at the moment is a Pearl Free-floating Maple 14″ x 5″ with Evans HD Dry Level 360 batter head.

I’m using Remo Emperor coated heads on the toms and getting a lovely warm tone – plenty of attack and just the right amount of resonance.

Cymbals are:

  • Paiste Signature Bright Ride 20″
  • Paiste Dimensions Medium Full Crash 17″
  • Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash 17″
  • Zildjian K Custom Hybrid China 17″
  • Zildjian A Custom Splash 10″
  • Zildjian A Mastersound Hi-Hats 14″

Mic setup:

  • Beyerdynamic M99 Large Diaphragm Kick mic
  • Audio Technica ATM63HE on Snare
  • Sennheiser E604 tom mics
  • A pair of Beyerdynamic Opus 53 small diaphragm condenser mics for overheads
  • AKG SE300B with CK91 Capsule on Hi-hats
  • A pair of Rode NT1000 large-diaphragm condensers for room mics

Recording Equipment

  • Presonus Studio 192 USB 3.0 Recording Interface
  • Presonus Digimax LT 8 channel ADAT mic preamp unit
  • Running into Pro Tools

These days I’m working on creating some of my own music as a solo project as well as collaborating with other musicians using the power of technology and the internet!

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If you’re wondering where to get started setting up your own studio, I recommend you read my article on the equipment needed to record music at home.